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Aladomo is a property developing company, building up detached or multiple homes on foreign or domestic premises.

Aladomo supplies genuine tailor-made Swedish prefabricated homes.

The combination of Swedish quality and German standards allow Aladomo to offer the spectacular tradition of Swedish residential architecture in combination with superior, energy saving building technology.

Swedish frame house conception has always kept up with the changing requirements of the occupants. As a result, Swedish homes are cozier, healthier, and ecologically friendlier while being more secure and economic simultaneously.

Thus, we can offer premium class high-tech homes being head and shoulders above conventional ones.

Our Aladomo homes are exclusively manufactured by renowned Swedish producers, and erected by assembly teams with long-term experience.

Build your Swedish Home with Aladomo!

Swedish Homes - Your Swedish House by Aladomo!

Your Swedish House by ALADOMO!


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